Master Stephen Yeoh Taekwondo

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Notice Board

Date PublishedClassNotice
November 29, 2017GRCFinal class for the GRC Friday night program will be Dec 15th. Belts and certificates will be handed out for all belt levels at 6:30. There will not be a 7:30 class on the 15th.
November 29, 2017FBAFinal Class for Thursday is Dec 7th. Belts and certificates for successful candidates from this class will be handed out at the final Monday Class,  Dec 11 at 7:00.
November 29, 2017FBA and GRCTesting week is Dec 4th - Dec 8th. There will be testing in all classes Monday, Thursday and Friday. There will be no instruction for those not testing in all classes except GRC Friday Dec 8th at 7:30.
August 16, 2017Registration through the City of Ottawa is now open!!Please see our registration page for course codes for the 2017 - 2018 season.
February 24, 2017GMS and GRCThere are no classes for week of March Break; March 13th to 17th. Classes as usual on Friday March 10th.
January 4, 2017GMS and GRCRegister ASAP! Classes begin week of Jan 9th! Hope to see you all soon.
November 21, 2016GMSTesting is December 5th and 8th, please note location change for Dec 8th
November 21, 2016GRCTest is December 2nd, please hand in test forms and fees to Master O'Connell
November 8, 2016GMS and GRCplease see Registration for course codes for the winter session